Membership Renewal

Columbia Gorge Power Sledders

Membership Application Information

Join our club and support the sport of snowmobiling

Your dues help support and donate to….

Trail Maintenance. Warming hut maintenance and construction. Help defend our sport and fight special interest groups. Groomer operations and maintenance. Help promote and maintain snowmobiling in the Great Northwest. Charitable organizations.

Join and you will receive the seasonal monthly Oregon State Snowmobile Association newspaper. Monthly club updates and belong to a group of fellow snowmobilers.

Activities include monthly (seasonal) meetings, club rides, Poker Run, spaghetti feeds, trail maintenance parties and end of the season trail maintenance and steak feed provided by the club.

The Oregon State Snowmobile Association and Columbia Gorge Power Sledders year begins September 1st

  1. Please download print and fill out the membership application completely and send it along with your payment to the address indicated on the application.
  2. Please make checks payable to Columbia Gorge Power Sledders or CGPS

Membership fees are $45.00. $35.00 will be sent to the Oregon State Snowmobile Association. $10.00 remains with the Columbia Gorge Power Sledders club. You may belong to as many local clubs as you wish as long as you have a membership in OSSA. If you have joined OSSA through a club other than the CGPS, please indicate that club name on the application and enclose your check for $10.00 for CGPS membership.

If you wish to contribute to the Legal Action Committee, please add the amount of your contribution to your dues check and indicate the amount you are contributing on your application form. The club will take care of sending your OSSA dues and Legal Action Committee donation to the appropriate state organization officials.

Your OSSA membership supports efforts to maintain trails and keep them open, resolve conflicts with and respond to changes in management of federal and state lands and provide benefits to its members. CGPS dues help support club sponsored activities.