Ride Conditions

Wherever you ride in the Northwest, please let Dave know at dmgc@hrecn.net.

12/26/2020 Ride by Marv Hansen. A few of us Road out of Billy Bob this morning Saturday the 26th. Probably three or four in of snow at the warming shelter. Parking lot has been plowed but had snow on it still. Went up over High Prairie where there is well over a foot maybe 18in, then down to 44 and up to flag point where there was well over two feet of snow. Not a bad day, if you like trail riding. No bare spots on the road. But not real safe to get off of the road. Could be hazardous to your snowmobile, or yourself. Had good weather cold, in the twenties. And sunshine at times. We rated the day a seven, if you don’t mind Road riding. It was good for a early season ride